Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aims Games

Kathryn has been competing in the Aims Games all week.  It has been very busy, but today is the last day.  It started on Sunday with the opening ceremony.  The guest speaker was Danion Loader.  Very appropriate for Kathryn as he is New Zealands only Olympic gold medalist in swimming.  The Aims games is the biggest schools sporting event in Australasia.  This year 3800 odd 11 to 14 year old competed in 14 sports. 

Monday had two games of waterpolo for the Te Puke Intermediate team.  We won the first and lost the second.  I had managed to get out of work in time to watch the second.  Kathryn has never played waterpolo before and I think she is a bit to mild mannered for the game.  Then came the swimming.  As Kathryn has been sick for the last six weeks we weren't expecting great times.  We were wrong, she got seven personal bests out of her eight races.  Very well done Kathryn.  Tuesday had another two games of waterpolo, both were lost by the team.  Wednesday had another three games of waterpolo, two wins and a loss.  Thursday had another two games (and I managed to get out of work to watch them both), both were losses giving the team an overall place of eighth.

Well done to Te Puke Intermediate Aims Games Waterpolo Team.  Closing ceremony today.
Kathryn is number eight blue

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