Thursday, August 26, 2010


Eggs for all

I love my chickens.  They have such big personalities.  They provide me with hours of entertainment for very little care.  They are friendly and fun.  Best of all they produce eggs.

I'm a strange person to be getting excited over eggs.  I've always been allergic to eggs and can't stand the smell of them  cooking.  What these eggs represent for me is community.  My nine chickens keep four families in eggs nearly every week year round.  We probably use about eight eggs a week, Kathryn loves them.  One dozen goes every week to Irenee, Liam's amazingly wonderful teacher aide.  One dozen goes to either my or Craig's parents.  The remaining 1/2 dozen to dozen goes to either my grandparents or one of our neighbours.

Home grown eggs are very convented around here and appreciated by the recipients.  With the needed backlash against battery farmed chickens, people are always on the look out for free range eggs.  And ours are free to others.


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