Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails

Not only has my garden been ignored but my poor seedlings too. Due to the wetter than wet weather and my cute little time waster, I've not checked on my seedlings in the better part of a week.
This morning I got a call to say my chicks arrive tomorrow. This sent me into a bit of a spin as I still haven't got anywhere to keep them (and the friend building a hen house still hasn't either). So I dashed out to tidy my soon to be chicken yard starting with shifting my seedlings. Only there was not very many left. My sneaky suspicion is slugs and snails, however now there are even less due to the thing with the puppy dog tail. He thought it was a great game and single handedly destroyed about half of those remaining by jumping excitedly on them much to my horror and annoyance.
That said I shifted them to under the deck and started to put up bird netting to deter the cats and wild birds from my chicken run.
Once Latte stopped destroying seedlings
he turned to his next favourite hobby - eating Doppelganger. Soon my poor kitten (who lets him) will have no ears or tail!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, puppies are cute little balls of furry trouble alright! Bother. Make sure he doesn't eat those chicks!