Thursday, July 31, 2008

When will the storms end?

Wow what a wet week. I have to feel sorry for those up north and down south but mostly I just feel sorry for myself as I haven't been able to garden.
I have however decided the rain is a blessing in disguise. I make and sell kids costumes on Trade Me to earn enough money for gardening goodies. I sell about one costume a week and this keeps me going. Ooops this week I sold 19. Help I am sewing as fast as I can but have only got 7 done so far.
Poor neglected puppy and my chicks are sitting in a cage in the garage waiting for nicer weather and me to have time to finish making their run.


Anonymous said...

WOW hon, you are SO clever! Well done, they are awesome too!

You might enjoy this lady's blog. She is an unschooler living down the road.

Poirier Family said...

wow you do great work. I can only sew in a line. Your kids must love you at Halloween.