Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disaster 2

We had three cute little chickens. We have one puppy and three cats who lead the cat council over our back fence. The cat council is made up of 23 cats - which is quite a few.
I built a stronger chicken run. I am not at all handy with t
ools but it was cat proof.
I have a dog. Dogs are stronger than cats.
I am sure you are getting an idea of where I am going with this post.
Dog is left outside unsupervised. Dog gets very exc
ited by chickens. Dog makes quite small hole in poorly constructed chicken run. Dog gets bored and goes away. Two stupid chickens go exploring. There are some big fat happy looking cats sitting on our back fence.
So there was one. What to do? What to do? I've given up on building chicken runs. We have a nice strong rabbit hutch. Wave
my magic wand and the chicken thinks it is a rabbit. They love to sleep in a heap - chicken on top.
All safe for now.

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