Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Herding instinct.

What a beautiful spring day. No storm yet but it is clouding over. Yesterday was beautiful too until about this time when the daily storm rolled in complete with thunder and lightening.
I got busy and got planting. I put in tomato, capsicum, cucumber, celery, passionfruit and corn seeds. I planted out some parsley seedlings that survived the storm. I made a compost holder. A great idea o
f my dads. He uses plastic netting and makes a circle, cable ties the ends together and fills it with prunings, leaves and other things he doesn't want in his compost bins and then ignores it for a year or two. I have a different take on it. I am filling my smaller ones (about .8 of a metre in diametre) with my weed, scraps and leaves. Mine only stand about .4 of a metre high. When they are full (all four of them) I will move the first filled to a different spot in my garden and refill it. I figure its a good way to keep unused soil covered and improve it at the same time. But we will see.
Latte has an uneasy relationship with the cats. From his point of view he is better than a cat and they should all be rounded up, chased and provide him with hours of entertainment. Thomas and Knight strongl
y disagree and Doppelganger is prepared to make a truce so long as he doesn't have to be a chew toy. When watching Latte with the cats you can really see his Border Collie instincts.
You will go where I tell you.

Why do you not run so I can chase you. Obey me!!!
Puppy love mummy. (Actually I am holding him down so I can chew him some more)


Anonymous said...

Awww, CUTE!
I see there is a new show starting on Sunday about living sustainably in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Trish. Thanks for linking to my blog.