Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catch Up

Life has been so busy since I last posted, complete with ups and downs. Summer has come and with it the better weather and longer days. I'll enjoy them before it gets too hot.
My garden continues to grow and look good. We have been eating raspberries and strawberries by the dozen. Every morning on her way to school Kathryn picks what she can see - I get the leftovers later in the day when I am watering. We have been eating peas, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, silverbeet and potatoes. I am continuing to expand the garden and plant more but it has reached the size where I am having trouble keeping up so I probably won't expand to much more.
We have had some bad news with my Mum's skin cancer coming back 27 years later. The started off saying it wasn't treatable but by the end after all the tests they should be able to remove it all - we are just waiting for a date. SO KEEP SUNSAFE EVERYONE - IT KILLS.
Kathryn hasn't had a great year with her diabetes but we have recently changed medication and she is doing heaps better. She has won four first placings and a third in two swimming meets and qualified for the Bay Champs in three events. She passed her ballet exams, got honors in her national character dance and a trophy for passion in ballet. She has several parts in the show Cinderella next April and will be practicing hard for those in the new year.

Liam really, really can't wait until Santa comes and has a huge long list. He is loving swimming starting again, both club, school and home pools are well used.
I'll try to keep posting so you can stay upto date.

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