Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trying times

Sometimes swe focus on the wrong person and forget what is really important.

I am worried about my Mum's cancer and her operation is on Friday so she is a bit freaked out and needs plenty of support.

Of course the kids are really busy with end of year activities. Liam had a beach trip on Monday and school camp Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I of course volunteered to go along - I just like having fun. And agreed to sew more costumes in a hurry for a lady.

What about Kathryn? Don't take your eyes off her. Sadly on Sunday morning while staying at a friends house her friend woke to find her having a seizure. An ambulance was rung, then us and it all got crazy from there.

Kathryn is now fine, probably the seizure was brought about by low blood sugars. I feel wiped out, no costumes, one very upset little boy about his mother not coming on camp as she promised, one sad and still sore bored puppy and a big gardening mess.

We have been told that Kathryn needs an insulin pump. They cost $9000 and are not funded. I imagine that I will spend the first six months of next year fundraising. It seems like such a huge target but if that is what it takes then that is what I'll do.


Rebecca said...

Wow - you are going through so much! It's amazing how family can give you such heartache but such joy isn't it! Opportunistic but you could run a Fregie Sack fundraiser... also, you should approach you local Lions & Apex clubs (or counterparts) regarding funds for the insulin pump. Stressful for you! Good luck with your Mum & everything else!

Anonymous said...

Oh babe! What a load :( Let me know if I can help with fundraising at all, okay? We could get people to donate for an online auction.

Sorry about your mum, hope it goes okay. My nan is being operated on on the 23rd (!), a hysterectomy as she has cancer of the womb. So scary.

Poor Kathryn, and Liam! Ack, what a terrible week!